SUSAN SHARP Looming 49" x 62" x 2" oil on panels


Paintings -  2012-2020




I am drawn to paint in its liquid state, where forms are in the process of emerging.
Pouring several layers of paint on smooth surfaces, such as paper or mdf panels,

result in dense and translucent personal topographies.


The abstract imagry born is both psychological and intuitive.Scale shifts, pattern and

unexpected juxtapositions add to the sense of play and ambiguity.


Subtle references to anthropomorphic forms,which coexist with the linear and geometric elements,

navigate disparate worlds.


Assemblage Paintings 2021


These past few years I have been creating a series of multi-panel works. My new Assemblage 

series comprises panels of different sizes, color and in some cases different depths and shapes.

The panels in each piece are all inter-connected, so the negative space of the white wall interplays

with the varying shapes and depth of the panels.


Both organic and geometric forms coexist in a world that is in continuous motion. Color, both intense

and muted, as well as linear elements, weave in and out of these panels, adding to the spacial conundrum.


Movement and connection drive our lives and my paintings.


Susan Sharp





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